Monday, November 18, 2013

making cookies.

A person who will rename 'nameless" alluded to my mother in a rather condescending way when stating,

 "I just think it is ridiculous when women stay home and bake cookies all day."

First of all, no one talks down about my mother. Ever.

Secondly, my mother accomplishes more in a single day than any human being I have ever known.

I am so unbelievably lucky to have had a mother that cares more about me, my siblings, my children, her parents, her husband, etc.  more than herself.

Yes my mom, made us cookies, my mom still makes us cookies, why do you think that is?  Is it to eat them for her self, no. (she rarely eats any) Is it to practice her culinary skills, no.  My mom makes cookies because she loves making others happy. And it works.

When my sweet nephew Caleb had just gotten his leg amputated, all he asked for when he woke up was for some of Grandma's homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

My mother cooks dinner for everyone usually 12 or more people at least, every. single. Sunday. Truly amazing.  I can't imagine it is that enjoyable to do so much cooking, but my mom does it with a smile as we call her the busy bee.

My mother is a memory creator, she creates wonderful memories for all of us and brings everyone together.

My mother knows every grandchild's schedule, from the time they wake up to what sports and activities they have after school.  She knows their likes, their favorite drink, their favorite show, and they all know they are loved by their Grama.  My mom will drop everything to help her grandchildren or her children. 

If only everyone could have a grandma like that.

When I was in high school, I came home to a Mother that was present, that was engaged, that was many times making homemade bread and yes cookies, for me and all my friends. Truly, my friends were envious of my amazing mother.

Now that I am a mother of five children,  I am very aware of my own mother's sacrifice for us, for our happiness, for our well-being.  This is the mother I want to be.  My children are only little for so long, and I hope to embrace them as well as my mother did for us.

The moral of this story, "If only every mother could stay home and bake cookies, what a wonderful world this would be." 

(I wrote this a few months ago in attempt to get my feeling/ rampage out on paper and never published it is).

I wrote this post before my sweet nephew Caleb passed away.  He is the bravest boy I know and I miss him desperately.  I know we will all be making cookies again in Heaven soon.  I love you Angel Caleb.


Dixon Family said...

Beautifully written Jennie! Love you! Your Sweet Mom is an example to us all!

Grama Linda said...

Ok You just made me cry.a.lot. I love you with all my heart my sweet, amazing, wonderful Jennie. When I grow up, I want to be just like you:)

Niken said...

I can't be more agree! my mom's stay at home mom, and man, she's a wonderwoman. if only they know what a stay at home moms do all day. try clean the house while preparing the meals and taking care of kids and husbands.