Monday, May 23, 2011

Spy - Mystery Party

Kate always knows what she wants and for her birthday party, she insisted on a "spy party." Honestly, I did whatever I could to change her mind and think of another theme, but it wasn't happening so we went with it. Here is how it turned out.

I got a lot of my ideas from here....


The invitation was placed inside a manila envelope. On the main part of the invitation, it had the details, and then wrapped around the magnifying glass (4 for $1 at the Dollar Tree) had the mystery ..... Here is what the mystery, written in tiny print said,

The MYSTERY of the Missing Ring... Kate’s great-aunt, Marie Geneviève Toussaint from Paris, France visited us before Kate was born. Aunt Marie hoped that we would name a daughter after her someday. When Kate was born we gave her the middle name of “Marie.” Aunt Marie Geneviève died a few days later but sent us a message saying she left an heirloom ring for her to discover on her 6th birthday. Aunt Marie loved a good mystery and she has given us the clues to find it. Now we need your help to solve the mystery.

As the girls were arriving, we had lasers going up the stairs (red yarn) that they had to try not to touch as they went into the room full of bombs, (black balloons) that if touched would explode. Once everyone arrived, we started the mystery hunt. I will say, that I have never seen so many 5 and 6-year-old girls so attentive and so excited. The first clue led them to a video clue... where the Aunt from France herself was speaking to them, from France no less..... The oohs and ahhs that I heard were seriously hilarious. (I am so glad for a technologically savvy and awesome aunt:)

I wish I would have had these glasses for all the girls to wear.  Or these fun ones with the noses (all about that picture! (lol)

Here they are watching Aunt Marie Genevieve Toussaint talking to Kate from France .... which was recorded years ago... of course.

Funny thing... Aunt Amy bears a striking resemblance to the Aunt from the video clip... must be a strong gene pool...

The treasure of the missing ring was found, and kate found an antique ring with a green heart stone. Aunt Marie was nice enough to leave rings for her friends that matched hers. I'm not sure where Aunt Marie got them, but I did see some just like it at the Dollar Tree for 10 for $1..... just sayin'.....

Later we made fingerprint art... It seemed spy'ish to me. We used these books for ideas:  

The party favors.

The Disappearing Ink Pens were also a Big Hit! 



Victoria said...

That is the BEST birthday party I have ever, ever seen. I am so jealous. You are amazing parents! :D Secretly hoping mine will do the same... for my 20th next month :P x

Jek said...

you never cease to amaze me! POST PICS OF HER BEDROOM TONIGHT!

alli said...

This is amazing!

Megan said...

So awesome.

MIMOM2 said...

Loved it!

Jenny Slingerland said...

So cute Jen! You are so talented!

Chris said...

I was wondering how you made the poster on the front door?
Love all your party decor, looks like the girls had tons of fun.

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