Friday, May 28, 2010

my jackson boy is 8.

In honor of his special day....

He was spoiled like a king.

He woke up to balloons that taylor (and friends) blew up for him.

His name on the family chalkboard.... (can you believe I finished a project?!)

He was then treated to his requested breakfast. Sausage, eggs, pancakes, and bacon. (Which he hardly ate any of by the way....)

He brought Krispy Cremes to his class at school.

After school, he took a few buddies to do some go-cart racing and had a great time being boys.

Next, we went to meet the grandparents to eat his requested birthday cake, an "Oreo Cake." I think tried to stump me like he did with last years "donut cake" ... but little did he know, I have an oreo cake pan.... ha ha.

Top 8 things I love about Jackson on his 8th Birthday:

1. He is constantly thinking about others.
2. He believes any hug less than 30 seconds isn't a real hug.
3. He loves his blanky still.
4. He is never bored.
5. He can create something amazing out of a stick and a rock.
6. He cheeks are so soft.
7. He likes to tell others how awesome they are.
8. He is super corky.
9. He never complains when Levi wakes him up in the morning.
10. He always knows how to make his momma happy when she needs some cheering up.

I love you Cracker Jacks.


Natty Girl said...

did you just paint the actual mirror with chalkboard paint? eager to do something similar!

JENNIE! said...

Yep, I just painted the chalkboard paint right on the glass.