Monday, June 1, 2009

jackson's donut cake.

as promised, here is the low down on jackson's "donut cake."

On every child's birthday I ask the simple question of, "What kind of cake would you like me to make?" Usually the answer I get is " vanilla cake, carrot cake, chocolate cake, ice cream cake etc.," all expected and normal. I should have know Jackson wouldn't come up with a typical cake.

When I asked Jackson what kind of cake he would like for his birthday he said, "a donut cake." I thought oh, a bundt cake, that will be fun. He got frustrated and told me that wasn't it and that he would have to draw me a picture.

Here is the picture I got (he said it was a picture of a piece of cake when it was cut) which came with a LONG explanation.

His explanation:

You need to make chocolate cake, get a "cylinder cutter" to cut out holes. Put donuts inside the holes, and put orange frosting on the sides and blue on top because the Broncos are my favorite football team.

I believe that I my eccentric 7-year-old cake inventor was satisfied with the results...


kristenita said...

That is awesome, jennie. Too funny! (let's hope he doesn't talk you I to making his wedding cake- can you imagine the possibilities?!)

Go Broncos, they're our favorites too, Jax!

Jek said...

YOU ARE A SUPERMOM! HOw did you figure that out! I would have found some way to lie myself out of that one, like "THere is no such thing as donuts anymore so i can't make that."


Andrea said...

Niiiiice! I am laughing. That is great.