Friday, May 21, 2010


I have projects lingering in every room, in every corner, enough to fill every hour. The funny thing is I keep adding more to the pile, with out ever finishing a single one.... as much as I try to change myself... it isn't happening. Here are a few, and I hope to tackle a few of them this decade.

Hang mirrors or something on this wall. These mirrors have been sitting here for a year...

Paint frame white, and mirror with chalkboard paint. (from Salvation Army)

Have this craigslist find reupholstered.... what fabric?

thrift store find... what to do with them?

read clean and "spring clean" my insides. try out a few ideas in sandi henderson's new book

The list goes on and on, but making that list is another project....


Tanner and Andrea said...

ooohh. i love those pillows on your great find... where'd ya get em?

JENNIE! said...

Andrea, most of those pillow are from Pier 1:)