Friday, September 20, 2019

Best Everyday Chocolate Chip Cookies

One thing about the Slade kitchen is:

We may run out of milk, bread, cereal, fruit, you name it... but we never run out of ingredients to make homemade cookies.  

It is obviously a pretty big priority in this house because it is very rare you will find us without the ingredients to make our favorite chocolate chip cookies.  It's like water to us.

We need them to survive. 

Most Friday's we make cookies.  We call it Cookie Friday because it is finally the start to the weekend, and we will make up any excuse to make cookies. 

Here is our tried and true chocolate chip cookie recipe that we have been using for years.  No oats in these cookies, we are talking the basics.

They are chewy and soft on the inside and a little crunch on the outside. 

And not to brag, but we can whip up this dough in about 8 minutes flat! 

I highly recommend having a cookie scoop, cooling rack and a Silpat for baking.  It makes life SO much easier. 

Enjoy! Let us know how you like our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe!

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