Thursday, July 17, 2014

bubbles in the coozi.

Some of my favorite memories of all time were spent at my Grami's house.  Grami knew how to make us feel loved and welcomed and I always felt like she was so glad that I came.  

We had a ritual in the summer time:  We would go to Grami's, swim in her pool, come inside and eat lunch and watch "Days of Our Lives"  (Grami's favorite "program") Then we would head back out swim in the pool, then go in the Jacuzzi.  The best was when Grami let us have bubbles and they spilled out everywhere.  

Bubbles and hot snickerdoodles, it doesn't get much better. 

Now my Mom is passing on the tradition of bubbles in the coozi and my kids are always overjoyed when the spa turns into a big white fluffy marshmallow. 

Bubbles on Memorial Day

More bubbles from a few years back.

Where it all began... 
bubbles in Grami's pool around1989
(Check me out with my amazing hole cut out in the middle swim suit.  I was hot stuff!)

Grami's pool circa 1987

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Dixon Family said...

Love these pics! Such memories of the bubbles in the "cuzi!"
Love you!

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