Wednesday, January 7, 2009

thank you 2008.

2008... in a nutshell.

made a lot of resolutions
(i think the only one that i succeeded at was the only watching 3 hours of T.V. a week, as for the rest, i failed miserably)
told the world i was having baby #4
surprised Taylor with tickets to the Hannah Montana Concert
gained 5 pounds

disneyland vacation
found out we were having a boy
made lots of chocolate
gained 5 more pounds


taylor's first dance competition
del mar beach for spring break
disneyland again
our car along with "blanky pink" was stolen
gained 5 more pounds

found our car (w/o wheels) and blanky pink was still inside
kate turned 4
princess party
family obsession with American Idol (me with Jason Castro)
jackson's baseball games
gained 10 pounds

jackson turned 6
ward talent show... {kate was a super cute maniac}
spring "Girl Next Door Show"
more of Jackson's baseball
singing kids
gained 10 more pounds

school got out
swim lessons
waiting and waiting for baby
10th wedding anniversary
chad turned 35
family obsession with "So You Think You Can Dance"
dance recitals
gained 10 more pounds

waited and waited and waited for baby boy
American Idol Concert
summer fun
aunt Lisa and boys came to town
gained 5 more pounds (yes, that makes a total of 50 pounds. i owe you one levi.)
Taylor turned 8 years old

smothered levi with love
went to Santa Barbara for a week
went to Del Mar Beach for a week
levi laughed
Taylor was baptized
school started
lost 10 pounds

I TURNED 30!@#%&*@$
Levi was blessed
Jackson started soccer
renovation of the new house began
lost 10 pounds

continued renovation of house
trip to Kolob
Halloween fun
middle of tennis season (i still have yet to win a game)
photography endeavor
lost 10 pounds


moved into new house
continued renovation of house
lots of sewing
"girl next door show"
lost 5 pounds

it snowed in las vegas!
kids had a snow day
lots of Christmas activities
had a beautiful Christmas
lost 0 pounds

For 2008, my words of the year were "SIMPLE and STILL".

My word of the year for 2009 is "BALANCE."

Here's to a new year....


Perry Family said...

looks like you had a great year! so many fun things you guys did, and turning the big 3-0...that hits me this may--@%#$! :)

Amy Jones said...

2009 Resolution:
Throw out your scale. You are not a number or a letter.
Amy's life has been much happier since she did this....10+ years ago. We love Jennie any way she is! Seriously, loved the post. Thank you!

Grama Linda said...

I loved this post! It is pretty cool to look at the year in a brings back all the memories and I even got a little teary eyed looking at the cute pictures. You are amazing Jennie and absolutely beautiful in every way!
I Love You,

kristenita said...

sounds like it was a great year!
30?! yep. we are 30. (sigh)

p.s. amen to amy jones - scale-shmale. you always look BETTER than great!!

Cindy L. said...

I love this idea so much. I think I'm going to have to copy your idea. I hope you don't mind. LOVE the calendar!