Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cute "one"

i took some pics of an adorable one year old today.... here are a few.FYI: if you book this month for a shoot you can get this deal. Starting in February it will double to $150 per session. (C.D. with pictures included)


kristenita said...

awesome pix jennie!

...I would love to book you - but we are so far away, I don't think I could get the killer deal! could I?

Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie. That last shot is my fav!

Sarah said...

Love. love. LOVE them! Thanks so much...I am excited to get them. I loved how quickly it went today. VERY painless.

Grama Linda said...

She is so adorable! Those blue eyes are something else. I want to book you for our family photo shoot...but I can't because you have to be in the pictures!!!

holly said...


Your seriously amaze me with all the amazing things you do and you do them ALL so well!