Tuesday, October 28, 2008

pictures anyone?

need pictures? i have a nice camera. i am not a professional. i like to take pictures. if your family is in need of a photo, or you need some shots of the kids to give to their grandma's this Christmas, and you can agree to the following disclaimer.... shoot me an email and i would be happy to oblige. ( i will throw in a free christmas card design if you like. examples here.)

1. i am not a professional photographer. ( i took a class once, and have read a lot of books, and taken 4 gazillion pictures, but definitely NOT a professional)
2. i can not promise any better photos than what you see on my blog (although I will try)
3. i will give you a C.D. with all of the photos and edited photos on it, and you can do what ever you would like with it...forever.
4. i'm nice.
5. my schedule is a little nuts, but i am willing find a time that works for you.
6. cost is: $75 and a smile.
7. levi could possibly be tagging along for the photo shoot. (but trust me, everyone likes a little levi in their lives)
8. that's it.
9. i think.
10. email me if ya wanna help me in my pursuit to be a famous photographer.
(1 of the 205 things i want to be when i grow up)