Wednesday, August 6, 2008

girl's room.

we are in the process of purchasing a house and it looks like kate and taylor will be sharing a room. i am trying to figure out how to combine an 8 year-old who loves purple, turquoise, zebra, and rock stars with a 3 year-old who loves pink, princesses and more pink. Here are a couple ideas I've come up with.... now i have to see if I can get the girls to agree (this could be a challenge:)


Jek said...

my vote is for number 2. love it all though. i have those aqua knobs and they are delish!

MIMOM2 said...

I also vote for number 2 but both are adorable! great taste.

Jennifer Richins said...

Love it all. I think your girls are pretty lucky to get such a stylish room. How much do you charge for your services? :)