Sunday, November 11, 2007


We're back from an amazing week in Kauai, Hawaii. I get a little freaked out before going on vacations with out my kiddos, and was close to saying, "I'll just stay home," but once I got out the door, and got on the plane I was O.K. This was our third year in a row going on a trip with this group of friends, and it's always and adventure and a fantastic time. We stayed in a house in Kilauea (on the north shore of Kauai) with amazing views, tennis court, and pool.

Best memories:
... boogie boarding with the girls and getting completely worked by a few massive waves
... playing charades and watching Andrew try to act out "saffron"
... bonfire at the beach playing "Maffia"
... eating, eating, and more eating
... our team winning the "name game" (twice) :)
... the tennis tournament that Charles and I came close to winning (total underdogs)
... awesome zip line
... dinner at the house cooked by a fantastic chef
... being with Chad for 8 days straight...

There were a lot of firsts for me on this trip:
First time:
... going to Hawaii
... on a zip line
... eating shaved ice (tasty)
... snorkeling
... running in underwear (I forgot my running shorts)
... swimming in lava pools
... seeing a sea turtle in the ocean
... being away from my children for 8 days
... having a bonfire on the beach
... sitting at the beach in pouring rain

Thanks Mom, Krista and Anthony for taking such great care of our children so we could have such a wonderful adventure!

wailua waterfalls

on the zip line

view from the house

now it's back to reality...


Anthony and Krista said...

i am glad that you had fun! i can't believe that you have never been to a bonfire on the beach! i am glad that you did that! and we had fun with your kids i hope that they still like us!

kristenita said...

wow. that looks like it was such an awesome time. and you didn't tell me you opened a restaurant while you were there... you are definitely "one hot mama!" (especially running in your undies! go you - that would have been all the excuse I needed NOT to go RUNNING on my vacation - oops, forgot the shorts.)

we need to plan our DR trip someday!

Emily said...

What an amazing trip! That zip line looks like so much fun and running in underwear - you are awesome.