Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

It truly is amazing to me how fast the years fly by.... Christmas already!  I must say, I hope to always and forever have a 4-year-old around me on Christmas.  Levi was so excited, and quite the Mr. Adorable.  I didn't schedule any photography appointments in December, which meant that we had a really great month:)  Loaded with Christmas activities, crafts and cooking, I loved spending the month with my sweet kiddos.  

All Levi wanted was a spiderman house, a ninja costume and a "fake"  jetpack, (he decided it would be safer than a real jet pack. 

Taylor was hoping for a snowboard, Jackson wanted a Mad Gear scooter and an air soft gun, and Kate wanted Caroline the American Doll.  They all were desperately wanting a trampoline which thanks to their Dad, he worked hard to get the backyard able to fit one. 

It was a wonderful Christmas for all. 

We spent the afternoon at Grama Linda's eating amazing food, putting on the Nativity and spending time with family.  It really was a lovely Christmas.  

I missed my sweet sister, but I know she was their with us.  

Now it's on to 2013!!  I'm ready to take it on!  A new baby this year for the Slade household, what could be better? 


Loving the presents they gave each other

The annual Christmas Nativity put on by the cousins

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