Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jackson is 9.

My Jackson boy turned 9!

Let me just tell you a little story about Jackson:

It was the finale of American Idol, and everyone, especially Taylor, was so excited to sit as a family and watch it. Unfortunately, Taylor threw a little too much attitude and after a few too many warnings, her punishment was that she was not going to be able to stay up to watch the finale and would have to go to bed. Obviously Taylor was not happy about the situation (to say the least) as expected....

What wasn't expected was to have a teary-eyed Jackson come up to me and say,

"Mom, I know Taylor really wants to watch it. Can I please take her punishment for her and she can watch it instead of me."

That is my Jackson. I wish I could take credit for his sweetness, but I can't it is all him, and that is what makes him so special.

Happy Birthday my Jackson Stud!!

Jackson took a few buddies to Kung Fu Panda, then home for cake, pizza, and of course lots of 5 square.

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