Thursday, April 14, 2011

my kate is 6.

Sweet number 6.

Kate is a little obsessive with her love for Paris. We don't know where or how it began, but she REALLY wants to go to Paris and plans on living there someday. I think it sounds like a plan: a lovely, tall, slightly uncoordinated, brown eyed beauty, brain surgeon living in Paris with 7 children. Why not? It's a great life goal.

So, after her princess breakfast of choice, "crepes of course," and her Paris/Garden bedroom surprise after school, we surprised her with a trip to Paris for dinner. (Just 20 minutes away on the Las Vegas strip.)

She was in awe with the Eiffel Tower, and loved feeling like she was really in Paris. However she did ask, "Why are there so many games in Paris? (slot machines)" Kate even broke it down with her dance moves (you should really watch this) as we walked along the Eiffel Tower and watched the Bellagio Fountains. We ended the evening with some french pastries at Cafe Madeline and went back to our home on the other side of the world.

Happy 6th Birthday my KATE!!

6 things I love about Kate right now:
1.Kate will dance like no body's business and could care less who is watching.
2. Kate has passion. Passion to be a brain surgeon, passion about how her hair is done, passion about almost everything.
3. Her long fingers that are all over everyone and everything.
4. Kate always wants to make sure her friends are happy and never wants to hurt any ones feelings.
5. She is a great big "sissy" and Levi's hero.
5.5.She is odd (in a good way), dramatic, and completely one of a kind.
5.75 Kate has the power to change the world.
6. You just can't help but LOVE her.


Dixon Family said...

We can't wait to visit Kate in Paris someday! What a great Birthday!

Jena said...

Happy birthday, Kate! Can I come visit you in Paris?