Friday, March 4, 2011

Dancing in L.A.

Last weekend Taylor and I headed to LA for the NUVO dance competition. To see she was excited for her first out of town competition is an understatement.... She had classes by Stacey Tookey, Travis Wall, Sonja, Ivan, and Robert all from So You Think You Can Dance (in case you didn't know) Her team did great and I had a fabulous time with just my Tay Tay.

She only got embarrassed a couple times, like when I wanted to do the hip hop class or when I practiced my leaps in the hall way, or when I leaned up against the numbers in the elevator and accidentally pushed them all.... Let's just say we got off at floor 7, but the other man on the elevator who was getting off at floor 17 was definitely NOT HAPPY....

We bunked with some of her dancing buddies and their mom's and had an awesome girls weekend.

- We even went to Disneyland for one day (but that's kind of a secret).

I love my little dancer.


Jena said...

Oh my goodness, SOOOOO awesome! Congrats, Taylor! How cool to be learning under such amazing instructors/artists?!?

rOmA aNd ElLiE :) said...

that's so awesome i am so jealous <3ellie