Monday, January 31, 2011

LA with the girls.

a few weeks ago, i took a break with the book club girls, who all happen to be my very dear friends. we went to LA for shopping, cupcakes, more shopping, talking, more cupcakes, more shopping, and more talking.

it was a much needed break for me, and it was a really fantastic time. the accommodations were perfect, the shopping was fabulous, and the company couldn't have been better. I'm ready to go again... anytime.

favorite moments:
- stop off at the baby doctor on the way to make sure kathy could come
- andrea's killer driving skillz
- talking til' 2 am
- trying on vintage dresses and thrift hunting
- eating more cupcakes than i can handle (sprinkles won the competition)
- watching angie go in to Forever 21 for the 1st time (why is it so cheap??)
- matching i phone cases from sephora - free!
- my new red lips
- bartering at the flea market
- begging the man at Nordstroms to give me these for free
- getting texts from my kids i-touches every 10 minutes saying they loved me
- learning what i should be wearing
- being with fabulous women that make me want to be better


Andrea said...

Ah, what fun! You got some great pics. That one with a wad of hair in my face is the BEST! xo

Megan said...

This makes me all the more sad that I missed all the fun and the cupcakes! Much love

suzy said...

Oh so fun! When's our next trip??? :)