Monday, January 17, 2011

ahhh, photoshop.

I had 2 weddings in october, 3 in november and 2 in december.... and as much as i would love every picture to be at the right exposure and in focus at all times, they just aren't.

And that's why I have a love - love relationship with photo shop.

Example 1

I loved the emotion in this photo and didn't want to let it go.

Straight out of the camera: (not bad, but not quite in focus)

Fixed with my friend, mr. photoshop: (make the "out-of-focusness" look intentional)

now, go get your photo shop on.


Brittany Meng said...

Great stuff. Did you use an action or your own tricks. I would love to know.

defining amy said...

yep. gorgeous as always. you should show off the taiwan one you did for me. im. press. ive.

JENNIE! said...

Hey Brittany, I didn't used an action, but I adjusted curves and levels and then used a mask to create the blur around the edges. Hope that helps!