Friday, November 5, 2010

$7 weekend.

we had a great halloween weekend... school was out on Friday, monday and tuesday, so with a 5-day weekend we thought of all the places we could go.... Disneyland?, Utah?, Temecula? Hawaii?

we decided on a location that wouldn't cost any money.... camping in our backyard.

we borrowed a tent: free.
we rented movies from redbox to watch in the tent: $2
went on a hike in redrock: free
we carved pumpkins: free (all the neighbors that went out of town gave us theirs)
we ate ice cream: $5
we played board games: free

Our $7 vacation turned out to be a fabulous vacation, one of the best yet.

Grama, Grampa, and Papa Jack joined us for Halloween Chili before the big night, and Grama helped with the tradition of making caramel popcorn balls.... one of my favorite memories with my Grami, and I'm glad my kids could experience it too.

Things to check out:
Amy's avatar costume.... amazing
Holiday Mini sessions announced
Gorgeous newlyweds.


maybe said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

Birgit said...

Thanks for sharing all these great photos -- and I am glad that you all had such a wonderful weekend!

Greetings from Germany,