Monday, November 22, 2010


this blog has been getting majorly neglected.

Life has been grabbing me in every direction and has left me with less sleep than I ever thought I could go with out... did that sentence even make sense?

Now that November is almost over ( yikes ) it is time for me to think about the things I am grateful for. I tend to think of the things I need and want and that I wish were easier with out remembering all I have.

So here is my list, off the top of my head at this very moment, of the things I am grateful for. (I am setting the timer for 2 minutes to type) I am not thinking about this at all, just typing, not deleting.... so if it seems weird, that's why.

I am thankful for:

A hot husband
4 beautiful children
Hot water
My health
My home
My car
My job
Food in the cupboard
A mom and dad who want my daughter to keep dancing
Keys that I found today after they have been lost for a week
Good friends
Book Club
Cleaning supplies
sunday music
Toy Story 3
Freezer meals
yogurt land
gap jeggings
Sunday dinners at Mom's
my computer
my camera
The Ensign (conference talks)
People who know more than me
My checker at the grocery store

Times up.

Here are some soccer stars that I am grateful for too.

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