Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have been a little lazy with posting lately... but things, as usual, continue on with all the normal craziness. Today was 71 degrees, and it felt amazing. I opened up all the windows and did my best to welcome fall inside. Chad and I took Levi to the park for a lunch picnic and felt like we just had one child for a minute... it was weird.

I'm excited for the feeling of fall, it feels like a time of renewal, a time of reflection, and a time of gratitude.

This past weekend we headed to Kolob, Utah with some friends who hosted us at their cabin. The leaves weren't completely changed yet, but still so beautiful. Our kids had a blast doing what ever they were doing as they ran around, explored and squealed. I had one of the greatest naps of my life and enjoyed doing not much of anything, but read and talk with friends. We had a great time, with wonderful friends, in beautiful weather... a perfect welcome to fall.

a little reminiscing of our yearly trip....

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Grama Linda said...

I love all of the wonderful pictures and I really love the memories your creating at your annual cabin week-end with such great friends.
Love You!