Wednesday, October 20, 2010

baby expo finds.

Last week, thanks to an awesome lady, I went to the huge baby expo. The one thing that I was overly obsessed with was Orbit's new accessory for their stroller. It's called the "sidekick" and it's pretty much the coolest thing ever. Almost makes me want to have another baby just so levi can ride on it... It looks like a mini skateboard and the whole design of the "get up" is rad.

Photo of           Parker Child Chair

Another product that was really fabulous was Jennifer Delonge's Child Furniture Line. I was drooling over every piece.

These reusable snack bags from itsy ritzy, I thought were great too. They are especially nice for filling full of snacks and then throwing it in your purse... (no ziploc nasty mess to worry about:) They also sell big sized "wet bags" for swimsuits etc. ... smart.
Snack Happened™ Reusable & Washable Snack Bags in Whale Watching BlueSnack Happened™ Reusable & Washable Snack Bags in Little Miss Zig Zag

And that's my little review of Baby Expo 2010. Peace out.

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Amy Jones said...

I am so glad to live through you! Awesome finds.