Wednesday, September 1, 2010

back to school 2010.

Back to school.... again. With the kids on a track system for the last school year, we didn't really get much of a break, but we definitely made the most of it by hanging out at the beach for the full 3 weeks of it. (more on that later)-

Taylor was headed off to 5th grade! What?? She had her outfit planned with accessories and all and had grama linda braid her hair so she could wake up to lovely wavy hair... (boy do I remember those days) She had a fabulous 1st day of school and continues to be the fashionista at our house planning out her outfits days in advance.

Jackson started 3rd grade and Dad gave him a new buzz Sunday night. The first buzz was right before the beach and he wasn't too happy about it. (Jackson and "change" don't mix) But after a day or two he realized how simple it is and now loves it. For the first day of school he decided on his Jacks Surfboard shirt that we got in Newport although he could really care less what he wore. He loved school, but mostly he was excited for soccer season to start because his dad is coaching...

Kate, my baby girl Kate, started kindergarten!!! Sad, sad day for me; over-the-top happy day for her. She is in the all-day program and boy was it hard to see her go. She didn't seem to miss me in the least and loves school and especially "eating in the lunchroom." Kate got some new sparkly pink converse for school that she said helps her run fast. She really wanted the light up skechers... but I just don't and will never do the whole light-up thing.... (sorry) I think she is the tallest in kindergarten, as she towers over almost everyone and her long legs barely fit under those teeny desks and chairs. Hopefully the teacher recognizes this and gets her a normal seat...

Levi, poor poor Levi. He is at a loss for what to do with out any siblings at home, and honestly I don't know what to do with him either. He wanders around saying, "sissy, sissy??, and whenever he finds something pink he says it again. We are both missing our Kate desperately... Taylor and Jackson we have gotten used to being at school, but not Kate... this is taking some getting used to.

For our annual tradition of eating somewhere "new" on the first day of school, we tried out CHERRY ON TOP, a yogurt bar that recently opened up. We ran into some of our favorite friends there and enjoyed our fresh treat.

School has begun, let the chaos begin.


Grama Linda said...

I have the absolutely cutest grandkids on the planet. And it's a good thing school started or I might never have gotten you home from the beach!

kristen said...

how is kate already in kindergarten?? and taylor in 5th grade!? such sweet cute kiddos... & poor crazy Levi!