Monday, August 9, 2010

baseball party.

Mr. Levi as you know... is 100% obsessed with baseball, so it obvious that he needed a baseball party for his 2nd birthday. We headed to the baseball field across the street and had some all-american fun. Chad rigged up the homemade slip-n-slide drizzled with soap for the players to "slide" into 2nd base.

We had hot dogs, peanuts, cracker jacks etc., and a friend of mine made an AMAZING baseball cake that not only looked good but was delicious too. Levi's buddy thought it was a ball (rightfully so) and tried to pick it up, hence the hand prints. (I thought it was pretty adorable)

We had a great time, the night was beautiful and Levi had the time of his life watching the kids on the slip 'n' slide, swinging his back and running the bases.

Levi got the Game Ball with every one's signatures to remember is special night.
Happy Birthday #2.

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