Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tay is in the Double Digits.

For the past year, Taylor has reminded me over and over again that it wouldn't be long before she was in the double digits. The time has come, my little Tay Tay is now a decade old. Unbelievable.

Taylor was spoiled with the entire abercrombie and fitch store thanks to her grandmas and she is mighty happy about it. She already has her outfits picked out for the week. She really wanted an i pod touch, and since I have had one for 2 years that I got with my computer and had yet to open, it was a very inexpensive gift...

Taylor is one of my best friends, I truly love spending time with her. Happy Birthday sunshine!

10 things I love about Tay Tay right now:

1. She wakes up, gets dressed, does her hair, and practices the piano in the morning with out me ever saying anything.

2. She is a great big sister and 2nd mom to Mr. Levi.

3. She is a dare devil and willing to try anything. (except Mexican food)

4. She has got some great style. I am going to have her start putting together my outfits.

5. She will craft with me at the snap of a finger.

6. When she is bored she grabs her sewing machine and makes something.

7. She keeps her room immaculate.

8. She loves to cuddle with me.

9. She can make a fabulous chocolate chip cookie, with ZERO help.

10. She has a great sense of humor and makes everyone laugh.

10.5 She is everyone's best friend.

10.6 She includes everyone.

10.7 She's MINE!!!

We celebrated with a cupcake party, a special breakfast, and then a family party, all super fun,
(but I'm tired. )

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