Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mr. levi is 2.

My levi boy is 2. I don't think he had any idea that it's his birthday or even what a birthday is, but he did enjoy the attention. We couldn't wait for him to wake up and smother him with kisses and singing. He was was spoiled with his continued favorite... crepes and berries, lots of berries. We went swimming at the pool and he had a Baseball Birthday Bash because of his baseball obsession. Happy Birthday to my 2 year old boy!

Things I Love about Levi on his 2nd Birthday:

1. He puckers up for kisses when it's bedtime.
2. He will give everyone and anyone "knuckles" on the spot.
3. He eats blueberries like a madman and sings an awesome "bwoobewwy song"
4. He is pretty much the only 2 year old professional baseball player in the world.
5. He LOVES his brother and sisters: Tay Tay, Gack Gack, & Sissy
6. He has a really abnormally big head.
7. He loves to watch sports with his Dad.
8. Levi CANNOT sleep without his blanky that Grama Linda made him. He calls it a "Ga Gung"
9. Levi says "Juice" with a chubacca voice. It is really crazy and I can't type how it sounds.
10. His crazy face and shimmy, shimmy can cheer up even the saddest person.
10.1 Levi's hair is really awesome, even though it takes torture to comb it out.


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