Monday, June 14, 2010

my man's birthday.

My man turned 37. I was at Girl's Camp all week and couldn't prepare much for him, but I had presents ready for each day I was gone... Taylor was the deliverer and she did a fantastic job. After maybe only 10 hours sleep in 4 nights in the wilderness, I came home and was a little incoherent and not much fun, but we did manage to go with some of our bff's to the Kings Fish House and celebrate Chad's special day. My mom made him a birthday dinner on Sunday and I supplied his favorite.... carrot cake. (That makes a total 15 birthday carrot cakes for chadly).

Some things I am loving about my man on his 37th birthday.

1. His energy doesn't change with age... he still has more than a 12 year old.
2. He doesn't sweat the small stuff. (except for sticky hands)
3. He is quick to apologize.
4. He never mentions that the house is messy.
5. He has abnormally soft feet.
6. I am still 31, and him being 37 makes me feel young.
7. He doesn't give up.
8. His 2 dimples are really cute.
9. He is always thinking of ways to be a better dad.
10. He can be really dorky.... my favorite quality for such a "cool" guy.

I Love you Chadly. Feliz CumpleaƱos.


Jek said...

I feel like every other day you are doing a post on Chad's birthday! These years are going by to fast! happy Birthday Chad!

brooke said...

Happy Birthday Chad--I love that you have soft feet!