Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Fath- versarry"

Stands for "Father's Day and Anniversary, " in case you were wondering....

Sunday we celebrated both, and I gave it the fitting title.

The kiddos made lots of cards from file folders (my new favorite method of making cards) for their Grandpa's and Dad, and they sang a rap for Grampa Al and Grampa Stacy. - We have a slight obsession with Justin Bieber in this house, me included.

Check it out:

Thank you to my nephew Kaden, for his fabulous videoing skillz.

Chad spoiled me with roses for our 12th anniversary, and I gave in and bought him some crocs, which I will always think are ugly, but I got them anyways. We had a beautiful Sunday full of naps, dinner, movies, and card making.

I love my Dad. I love my Chad.

this pic stolen from mom's blog.

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