Wednesday, June 23, 2010

dancin' divas.

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately, just one thing after another, after another, after another.... Maybe I'll catch up on my posting one of these days, but we'll just start with one thing at a time.

Last week was the famous Bunker Dance Recital. 5 costumes + 5 dance shoes + 6 dance classes a week + every other fee in the book = parents that are happy when recital comes around because then we get a little breather. (that was dorky... sorry)

Kate was fabulous in her Dorothy costume dancing to "Ease on Down the Road," however I wish her hair was in curly ponytails rather than braids... but that's another story. Taylor had 4 numbers in the night show and did beautifully.

As much as I am trying not to be a complainer on this blog... let me just quickly say as a mom who has danced and been around dance.... Taylor was very deserving of being put in the front where she could be seen, for at least ONE of the numbers, being that she is absolutely fantastic and one of the littlest (and most darling) on her team.

Done. I feel much better now.

I have watched my sweet friends and amazing dancers, the Hewitt girls at Bunker Dance for 12 years, and it was hard to see the youngest one, Brynn, dance her last dance at the recital, as she is now graduated. It definitely won't be the same with out a Hewitt girl dancing. Brynn plans to be Justin Beiber's back up dancer, and I am sure she will be.

Sometimes I imagine jumping up on that stage, doing a few pirouettes and busting out some hip hop. Since that can't happen, I do it at home. Often. My kids laugh, Chad says it's cute, and I'm always sore and hurt after a pitiful attempt.

One thing you all may not know about me is that a secret dream of mine is to be Justin Timberlake's back up dancer. Unfortunately you need skill for that. Maybe in the next life.

Dance On, Dancing Daughters!!

tay with the famous Hewitt girls....

what? is that a picture of me? how did that get on here!?

Tay with her dancing buddies for the past 7 years.

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kristenita said...

jennie, you are beautiful! you should be on here more often.
and I love that picture of you & taylor... um, you guys are going to look like TWINS in about 10 years. holy cow.

Congrats, Tay & Kate, I bet you girls did awesome. Mwah.