Tuesday, June 8, 2010

baptized boy.

My Jackson man was baptized on Saturday, June 5th. It would have been my Grami's 84th birthday and hence, by my own declaration, "Pink Day." What a perfect day for Jackson's baptism. He looked like such a stud in his new suit, and I couldn't resist kissing his soft cheeks over and over. Thanks to doctor LeMone, his teeth looked great too... there was no longer a third straggler tooth in the middle of his front two... (which was quite a sight for the past few weeks) Grama Linda and Grampa Al were there, Papa Jack, Aunt Krista and Uncle Anthony, some of his buddies, and we were so lucky Lisa, Noah and E.J. were in town too. These special occasions in my kids lives make life so meaningful, I just wanted to freeze the moment. I am so proud of my Jackson.

On to the next occasion... Girl's Camp. I will be there for a week. I hope to survive and blog again. Let's just say, I'm not what one would call, "a camper." Wish me luck.

And for your viewing pleasure... a picture of my mini-stud with angel eyes. (just about the only part of him that is angelic at this stage...)

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JTB said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations - what a big boy.