Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rock business and DW Bistro.

Once upon a time I lived in a cul-de-sac on Patrick Lane. I liked to think that I was quite the entrepreneur. I was constantly stirring up a new business plan; from dance lessons in the garage, to lemonade stands (frequently visited by the homeless), and my personal favorite, the "Rock Store" where we sold the obvious..... rocks. I constantly thought I was going to make it BIG. My neighborhood pals, Bryce and Emilee, were usually part of these ideas and although we never sold much more than to our parents, we kept busy. Now Bryce has opened a restaurant, a real one, and it is good, real good. Get yourselves to DW BISTRO and have some fabulous food in an ultra chic setting.

Bryce and his partner Dalton have outdone themselves and the outcome of their creative ideas is now a new favorite place to eat. Angie has created the perfect graphics, another friend, Jenny did the interiors, and the food is fresh and delightful. So, head over to DW Bistro, enjoy an amazing meal, tell Bryce hello, and mention that he has come a long way from selling rocks on Patrick Lane with his crazy neighbor.

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Grama Linda said...

Wow! DW's looks awesome! I can't wait to go there for my (late) birthday lunch. I remember well all of the stores you and the neighbors came up with on Patrick Lane...those were the days.
I Love You!