Friday, April 30, 2010

political fam.

I had a fabulous time photographing Chad Christensen's family last week. He and his wife have been friends of the family forever. Chad is running for United States Senate here in Nevada and the primaries are fast approaching. He and his wife Ashley have four super crazy and adorable boys and a sweet princess little girl. I followed the boys around as they threw dirt in the air and on each other, created dust storms, wrestled and showed me some nasty cuts on their fingers... true boys. That house must never have a dull moment!

You can read more about Chad's campaign here, or you can see him at the KDWN GOP Senate Debate tonight.


Grama Linda said...

Great Pics always! I love this family...I was Ashley's primary teacher way back in the day!

Tins said...

Great Photos...Just wanted to say that Chad is actually running for United States Senate and not State Senate :) Great Photos!!!!