Monday, April 26, 2010

pajama party.

Kate decided on a "Pajama Party" for her 5th birthday. (She actually decided on this theme seconds after her "Cooking Party" when she turned 4.) A friend of mine makes a "birthday tent" each year for her kid's birthday, but seeing as I'm not that ambitious to do it for every one ever year, I though for a pajama party it would be perfect. So, I took my idea and told my husband it was his job to put up the tent if he wanted Kate to have a good birthday party.... the guilt factor usually works. ( I did try to help him, until I realized that as much as we want to be on the Amazing Race one day, we stink at working together on projects... just sayin') Chad's idea ended up working with hints of my input and we got the Pajama Party fort up and twinkling with star lights. The inside was lined with pillows and blankets and teddy bears and the little girlies had a fabulous time playing in a fort that no one was making them clean up any time soon.

Here are a few more of the details from the party:

Food: Pancakes, strawberries, bananas and whipped cream
Games and Activities: Made cupcake necklaces - which have nothing to do with a pajama party, but they looked easy enough for 4 and 5 year-olds to make. Hot teddy bear (like hot potato), musical pillows, "sleep dance" - this was my personal favorite- it's just like freeze dance where when the music stops you freeze, except in "sleep dance" you lay down, go to sleep and snore until the music starts again. Painting nails and a little bit of makeup and story time in the fort. Taylor and a couple friends ran all the activities... they were awesome.
Decorations: Big white balloons (clouds), cut out paper clouds and stars taped to the wall, a happy birthday banner, and of course the fort.
Cake: A Cloud Dream Cake. - I completely made this up out of a store bought angel food cake, marshmallows, whip cream, and cool whip....
Goodie Bags: A teddy bear wrapped in cellophane with a "Sweet Dreams" tag.

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Nick and Sierra Murray said...

Such a cute idea!! I love Kate! She was always my best kid in Sunbeams! Such a sweetie! You are wonder-mom!