Wednesday, April 14, 2010

kate's 5.

My baby girl is 5 today. We are all grateful her birthday finally came. Kate has been asking since Thanksgiving how many more days until her birthday, and I think we had all had it! She could hardly sleep the night before because of the excitement.

She woke up to royal treatment and crepes (her breakfast request) on china while the rest of us ate on paper. She wore a royal crown which I purchased from the talented Jennifer of the etsy store Joosy Card Co. (It was a coincindence that she is from Las Vegas and not too far from me. She may even join the Girl Next Door Show next time...Check out her store it's pretty awesome. )

Kate was beside herself with pure giddiness and sat at the breakfast table for 30 minutes until it was ready. She had an exciting day full of friends and family and lots of presents. Happy Birthday Katie Pie!

10 Things About Kate

1. She loves to grope and cuddle with her long limbs.
2. She is determined to be a doctor. She wants a corner in her room for "surgeries"
3. She trips at least 3 times a day, sometimes ending in stitches.
4. She loves eggs and oatmeal.
5. She can dance around and imaginary play with her self for hours at a time.
6. Levi can beat her up and sometimes she is scared of him.
7. She can read really well for a 5 year old.
8. She says "like" a lot.
9. She loves to color, draw, and write in her journal.
10. She constantly reminds me that she will be starting Kindergarten soon.
10 1/2. She is stinkin' smart
10 3/4. She can run forever with amazing endurance.


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