Tuesday, April 6, 2010

easter duds.

Thanks to my mom and dad, we spent spring break at fabulous Newport Beach and Laguna. One week wasn't long enough, it is just such a beautiful place. I have many pictures to post from our trip, but first I have to post the kiddos in their Easter duds ready for church on the Sunday before Easter. Of course mom made the dresses, and I helped with the "decorating" of them. Thanks mom for sharing your talent. --- Unfortunately taking a picture of all of them is nearly impossible, but here are a few.

Levi always makes picture taking fun... and insane.


brooke said...

Your kids look adorable. Those dresses your mom made are to die for. I love the first solo picture of Levi--so cute.

Sarah Bogh said...

ok so I know you dont know me but I was introduced to your blog by my friend Emily when I asker her about making my pics bigger and blah blah blah...
anyway, my point in commenting is first to say how super adorable your children are and second to ask where you found Levi's gray and white sweater vest?? I was searching for that exact look and never managed to find one. I am still looking though because I am determined to do pics of my kids in their "matching" Easter outfits but I haven't found THAT sweater vest! :) So if you dont mind letting me know I would greatly appreciate it!!

JENNIE! said...

Hi Sarah! I got Levi's sweater vest at Old Navy. It's actually brown and white but I love it. :) Hope it's still there so you can get those Easter pics!

Sarah Bogh said...

Thanks Jennie!
I am going to go search for one there!