Thursday, March 11, 2010

the supersonic low down.

--i've had a busy week. the wppi was here, and so I was able to spend some time with photographer friends, go to the trade show and basically realize how much more i have to learn, and how little i know now. chad took tay, kate, and jackson to temecula to visit family and levi and i held down the fort at home and did the the "photo stuff." it was strange being at home with just one child (one crazy child that is), but i was able to accomplish a lot, and the house stayed nice and clean for a few days.

--this is tay and jackson's last week of track break, and i'm not quite ready to send them back to school. they can be quite the helpers. we have a few projects we want to do before monday, we'll see if we can get them done.

--it would have been my grandma schlauder's 91st birthday on monday. i miss her. i declared March 8th "Organize Day" because of grandma's impeccable cleanliness and my office has never been cleaner.

--- triathlon update... still going strong at 6:00am, but i am wondering what the heck i have gotten myself into...

here is what we do when there is no school.

we also bust out old school music videos.... extremely productive.

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Kaymee said...

hahahahaha!!! i love!!! Kate is cracking me up watching herself!!!!