Thursday, February 25, 2010

sweet moments.

my buddies. i'm lucky to hang out with these two every day while "the big kids" are at school. kate takes good care of little levi and entertains him when she's not at preschool. levi can be a bully, pulling her hair, taking her crayons, ripping her books, and she still is in love with her little brother.

Today she asked me, "What are you going to do when I go to kindergarten next year?"
I told her, "I am going to scream my head off and cry like a baby...."
She laughed and said, "Who's gonna take care of Levi?..."

Guess I better learn how to be a better entertainer.

my lil' terror.


kristenita said...

Your babies are so freakin cute! Maybe you should make another one to keep you busy during kindergarten next year...:)
sweet picture of Levi, the coloring & mood of that picture is delicious.

Sammy C. said...

Dont you think Levi seems to have a little Dixon genes in him? Is that possible?? Haha...