Tuesday, February 9, 2010

18 months.

levi is an "explorer" to put it nicely. a few days ago when i was in the other room, i heard water running... i thought, "it's only me and levi here, who could that be?.... it couldn't be my sweet baby who was supposed to be playing with blocks..." but yes, it was. levi decided to give himself a bath with his P.J.'s on and then when i decided to leave him in there because he was having so much fun, he unwillingly took a shower and came out to show us how unhappy he was. gotta love chacho.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful boy! Just be careful!

Read this story...luckily with a happy ending...


JENNIE! said...

I have been reading that blog too... trust me, I am overly careful about the bath nowadays! You can never be too careful! Thanks for your comment!