Friday, January 22, 2010

princess tiana.

kate finally got her Christmas present, a date with mom to Disney on Ice . She has been talking about it by the minute since Christmas... which has just about made us all crazy, so I think we were all just as excited as she was that it was finally time. Grama Linda, surprised Kate with a "Princess Tiana" dress (from princess and the frog) right before we left, and besides the fact that kate was so excited to get the door that she fell and hurt herself, she was SO excited. My mom saw the dress at the store, but said there was no way she could by such a cheaply made dress when she could make a much cuter one... so she did. yeah. crazy lady. kate has worn the dress for 3 days straight, and it is quite fabulous.

kate loves to "talk" on our date. she continually tells me to keep talking and keep asking her questions. Here is an excerpt from out 30 minute talk...

Mom: How many kids do you want when you are a mom?
Kate: 5.

Mom: I only have 4 kids, should I have 5?

Kate: Only if you have a sweet little girl, but I can't handle another crazy Levi.

I love dates with kate.


brooke said...

Your mom is amazing. Kate looks so cute in that dress and I love her hair. She sounds like a funny girl!

Jaime said...

It is so fun to see what you're mom makes next! Does she take orders? And, how fun you got to have a mommy&kate date - I can't wait to do that with Abby.