Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas morning.

the call came at 8:00 am on the dot.

"Mom we are awake, can we PLEASE come downstairs" was what came from the other line.

Yes, I am a mean mom and I make them hang out in Taylor's room until 8:00am until they can call us and we get to take a picture of them and watch them come down the stairs and see their faces. And they obey.

There is no way I am giving up seeing those priceless emotions coming from my children. Allowing them to wake up whenever they feel like it, see what they got and start playing with it.... i don't think so, not a chance.

I must have heard, " This is the best Christmas ever " at least 10 times... which made both Chad and I a little teary knowing what a struggle it has been to give them a good Christmas. It was magical watching their little faces light up, and I just wanted to pause time for a while. My kids, at these ages, in this stage of life is perfect.

Levi was so stinkin' cute. It's hard to explain his excitement over his BUZZ LIGHTYEAR and his other toy story toys. (In his language it's "choy choyee chree")

Kate loved that Santa dressed up her American Doll in a new dress, she thought that was so "smart" of him.

Jackson was so excited for his basketball hoop that Santa's friend donated to him. He said he has to shoot 100 baskets a day to get better. I think his favorite gift though was new socks that were really needed.

Taylor was just happy for they day, and was all grown up getting giddy about a new skirt and boots. She loved giving this year, and practiced a piano piece to play for Grama Linda and Grampa Al, and she even made Kate a skirt for her American Doll (I had no idea).

Merry Christmas.

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rOmA aNd ElLiE :) said...

this is ellie i love your blog it is so cute!ps roma is going to enter the tine photo contest(: