Tuesday, December 1, 2009


thanksgiving was a beautiful day. 65 degrees, sunny, and some dang tasty food. as much as i seem to repeat myself around here, i am grateful, thankful, lucky, blessed to have these 4 little turkeys, a fantastic hubby, loving parents, silly sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents.... to put it briefly...


all of my sisters were together... a thanksgiving miracle in itself.

thanksgiving wouldn't be complete with out mom's homemade ice cream... kate only had 3 bowls.

how sad is this... mom, dad, lisa, and james cleaning in the kitchen, and chad and i digesting turkey. sorry mom! I could have sworn i was helping.

On to my favorite holiday. Lights are up, the "halls are decked" and we have started the activity advent calendar. December is in full swing.

See you all at the GND show tomorrow!!

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brooke said...

I love that first picture of your kids and you and Chad look so comfortable on Thanksgiving that I'm sure your mom won't care you weren't helping...Your mom is really cute.