Monday, December 7, 2009

rockin' the knitted hat.

at the GND show, i got one of these awesome hats {made my ashley} for my levi.

levi LOVES hats. he is a little on the obsessed side actually. in my mind, it's a good obsession. here is is rockin' his latest headwear.


Grama Linda said...

Oh my goodness! HE IS SO CUTE!
I just want to kiss & hug him XOXOXO

brooke said...

I'm with Grama Linda--he is absolutely adorable especially in that hat. My little guy has a hat obsession too. I just went to Ashley's website--holy cow--her hats are phenomenal.

suzy said...

your pics are so good! And your baby is darling! I need to get some of those hats...I think I was too late and missed all the super cute ones! nice that she's online.

Sabine said...

very cute! the eyes are very expressive, i love your pictures!