Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new years eve.

we just got back from a few days in Park City (thanks to some great friends) and we are off to our annual old skool vegas friends New Years Eve party. i have so much to catch up on, fun things to share and so many pictures to post, but here is a favorite from "Christmas Sunday."


Anonymous said...

I love it! i hope you and your had a wonderful christmas and HNY. Also, the look on tay's face is priceless. Somehow, i believe this will be the same face she will pull when she is mad at her boyfriend (when she is much, much, much older.) :)


Amy Jones said...

ould frame this in a heartbeat. btw, coming up north anytime soon? I need a head shot for my book and website within the month. not too excited about it, but i'd trust you'd make me look as good as possible;e.

Tanner and Andrea said...

hey jennie- i love stopping by your blog- it's one of my favs. i love to see how big kate is getting- so different from when we had her in nursery. she is a doll. btw... i'm totally in love with your house... it's everything i dream of... from the wood floors, to the thick baseboards. we are thinking about painting our house- i was wondering if you could tell me color you have on the walls? i love it.
Thanks... Andrea Peterson (tanners wife)

JENNIE! said...

Hey Andrea! Kate is getting big.. amazing how fast time flies:) The color on my walls is Rock Oyster Martha Stewart Paint (I got it at Lowes) Have fun painting! Jennie