Tuesday, October 27, 2009

home to the pumpkin patch.

i made it home and chad survived being mr. mom for nearly 5 days.... the longest I have ever left him with the kids.  he endured a lot of throw up, a lot of clean up, and plenty of frustration trying to figure out the car pool system, but he really did a great job. the kids were even shocked. taylor said, "mom you wouldn't believe it, he even got us ready for school on time!" thank you sweet hubby. (I posted more from my workshop on the photo blog

i thought this guy looked like chad a little... i tried to set him up with amy or ally, but he was married. he's missing out. 

i even got in front of the camera one time... completely unlike me, considering i DO NOT like having my picture taken, but i was a little looney on that trip. look at what a dork i am :)... 


sunday night i was so excited for dinner at aunt lisa's. i looked forward to sunday's at lisa's during college and i felt like a school girl again. i finally got to meet my newest cousin Calvin, what a doll!! (and if you can believe it, i even had my camera with me... what a shocker.)

i got home just in time for our annual-ever anticipated  family night to the pumpkin patch. these pumpkin patches in vegas seem to keep growing, what started out as a small pumpkin patch with a blow up slide has turned into a full blown carnival in the past few years.  grama linda and grampa al were there with kaden, and each kiddo got to go on three rides. jackson loved the twirl and whirl (he thought the mechanics of how it turned were "interesting", taylor likes anything that is extremely scary, and kate prefers merry go rounds and the ferris wheel.  their ride choices seem to tell a lot about their personalities.  after the fun, grampa treated us to some yogurt where levi was happy to be free of the stroller and roam from person to person asking for bites of their ice cream. a beautiful fall night. i'm glad to be home.

my personal favorite picture of the evening. look closely... 


brooke said...

Cute cute family and that picture of you is so great. You'll love that in 20 years because you'll say "look how skinny I was!"

We never take photos of ourselves! Wish we had pumpkin patches like that in utah.

jill said...

Such a fun night!! I bet your family was SOO glad to have you back! The pictures you took while you were away looked fabulous!! You look so good as does that married male hottie.

kristenita said...

I love that picture of you!!

and little kate's cheeks are pretty dang cute, too.