Monday, September 28, 2009

tuna fish.

When I was 17, Chad gave me ten minutes notice, picked me up from work (front desk at the Althetic Club), drove to San Diego in 4 hours to arrive just in time to watch the Padres game and then we drove home after. it's not normal, it really isn't, it's kind of crazy, but it's one of my favorite things about chad.

we had a similar adventure this weekend, not as crazy as the old days, but it brought back some memories.

chad's all time favorite football team, the miami dolphins were playing in San Diego, and at the last minute a friend game him 2 free tickets. thanks to my mom, we went Saturday at 5:00pm, slept, went to the game at 1:00 the next day and drove home after. {I have to admit, driving with out kids is COMPLETELY different than driving with kids. We pretty much talked for 10 hours and didn't even turn on the radio. who would have thought 10 hours in a car in 24 hours could be so pleasant, but it really was.}

chad really is a die hard miami fan, ask him a question, he knows the answer. he used to write down statistics so he could study them.... weird i know. you would think after being such a fan for the past 28 years he would have been to a lot of games... nope. He has been to 1 game 9 years ago. taylor was three months old and cried so loud the whole time that i went to the car for the 2nd half to wait for him... not the best experience. he tried again, there was a hurricane and the game was canceled. he tried again, we drove there and because of the wild fires, the game was canceled.

so it goes with out saying, this was a BIG DEAL. he was so excited he could barely contain himself with all his giddiness.

unfortunately, the dolphins got their fins spanked and are now 0 - 3, or as the charger fans would say, "tuna fish."

i felt like a 17 year-old going out with a hot 22 year-old again... good times.


brooke said...

Such a great story. And just for the record, you guys still look like you're 17 and 22. I love the pic of the guy in the red shirt. Why do I always end up sitting behind that guy!

Andrea said...

Great post!! And I love that you included pics of the dudes sitting in front. Hilarious. Glad you guys had a fun time.