Tuesday, September 1, 2009


i have solved all my problems. all i need is a clone.

i think i am going to name my clone, "mammacita."

Mammacita would been a lot of help today.
She could have researched the photography forums while I exercised.
She could have organized my closet while I read to Kate.
She could have helped make copies for 2 hours at the elementary school, while I returned emails.
She could have planned the women's retreat decorations while I made a nice lunch.
She could have edited photo sessions, while I caught up on blogs.
She could have watched Taylor at dance class while I prepared dinner.
She could have given Levi a bath, while I watched Jackson at his baseball game.
She could have helped with homework while I talked to Chad about his day.
She could have done a few loads of laundry while I organized my office.
She could have stayed up til' 3:00 am thinking of ways to be a more balanced woman while I slept.

O.K. modern science, now it's your turn, clone me.


defining amy said...

genius!! but two WALKING levis?? that worries me.

brooke said...

Brilliant idea. I would send my clone to do all the cooking and cleaning and driving and I would do all the shopping and eating and blogging.

Travis and Lindsey said...

you are hilarious!!!

kristenita said...

I love it.
...but you may rethink the mamacita coming with her own levicito. might make her job a little harder.

jill said...

That's hilarious!!! I think you're onto something.