Tuesday, September 22, 2009

katie pie.

i have given each of my children a "food name," i don't know why and it wasn't planned it just so happens that it's one of their many nicknames. i think it comes from my dad. (he used to call my sister hAMBERger and her best friend was hAUDdog.)

I call Taylor - taytor tots; Jackson - Cracker Jacks; and Kate - Katie Pie. Levi, still doesn't have one, i'm having a hard time with his, but i'm sure one day it will come to me.

with the older kids at school, me and katie pie have plenty of one on one time. she loves reading and make believe and can play for hours with two dolls and and a piece of paper to draw their house on. she can color like nobody's business and loves to have her back tickled. she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up, which worries me a little seeing how she is on track to be 6 feet tall and trips a few times a day over her ginormous feet. (last week one of her falls landed her in the hospital getting a couple stitches on her knee.)

next year my katie pie is going to be in kindergarten. i know it's a little way off, but i have become obsessed with spending as much quality time as i can with her before she's really a "big girl." my favorite moments with kate are reading books in my bed during levi's nap in our P.J.'s ignoring the phone and the door. i love my 4 year old girl, and could gobble a scrumptious slice of "Katie Pie" any day.

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The Facers said...

I just have to say, that is really ironic because my girl is Sadie PIe. Too funny!