Thursday, September 10, 2009


so i'm another year older... i am not only 30, which was hard enough, i am officially IN my thirty's, I am officially 30 "something." i guess now I really have to be a grown up.

i had a great birthday.

when i woke up kate was trying to compliment me and said, "mom, you look little, not big... i mean, you don't look like an old lady."

thanks kate.

chad made me breakfast "chad style," he made me steel cut oats with blueberries and got donuts and captain crunch for everyone else so the kids felt like it was a celebration, rather than just the everyday breakfast.

i got a deep tissue massage from an older asian man who talked the entire time and affirmed that i had no cellulite on my butt and that my muscles were firm for having 4 babies. (basically lying for a bigger tip, but i didn't mind) i enjoyed my favorite indian food for dinner with friends and chad continued the tradition of a rose for every year on my birthday (which he started on my 18th birthday before he realized we'd be together til I'm 100+... which means he will be buying almost 9 dozen roses on my 108th birthday)

now, thanks to courtney for the inspiration, i'm writing my list of 31 things to do before i turn 32. here's to getting old!


brooke said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day. I laughed out loud thinking about the old Asian man complimenting your butt. I'd probably give him a good tip too if he said those things to me.

Jena said...

Happy Birthday, Jennie! I need to tell Justin about the relationship between age and roses! Here's to being in your thirties! (I'm not far behind you...)

courtney said...

happy birthday jennie!!! i want to see your list pretty please, it'll inspire me for my new one :)
and i love the rose idea, maybe i'll drop a hint to jer!

jill said...

Happy Birthday Jennie! I'm so glad that you had such a great birthday! Take it from someone who's almost 37 (is that possible?), it's nice to get older, a lot of good things come with age.

Erin said...

Happy Birthday a day late!! You look fantastic! I wish I had no cellulite!! I know you will have another GREAT year!! :)

Nick and Sierra Murray said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!!