Sunday, July 26, 2009

teeny tiny party.

tay turned the big 9 this weekend and we hosted the ever anticipated "teeny tiny party." we had a fabulous time complete with all of the activities taylor suggested. (invitations posted previously.)

we painted miniature treasure boxes and then went on a mini treasure hunt- each clue had the word small or miniature in it. (i had no idea how much 9 year olds like a good treasure hunt) for the prize they found scrabble tile necklaces and put them in their treasure boxes. then we played a game of miniature ring toss (courtesy of oriental trading). we then ate tiny tuna and turkey sandwiches with tiny cookies and tiny pretzels and had teeny tiny cups. (the refilling of the cups was not fun... but the girls enjoyed it). I purchased super small white glass plates at salvation army for 25 cents a piece.

Taylor's next request was charades. We played mini charades, meaning that there were some things that had to be acted out that were tiny and if you got those ones right you got 3 points instead of 1. (i was stretching it to make this one work with the "teeny tiny" theme)

the party hats were made from the paper cups that come out of water coolers. (I had to ask my tennis club if i could take 10 because I couldn't find them anywhere)

last we had a mini ice cream cake (made using 6 inch cake pans). taylor's favorite is cookie dough which was on each of the three layers.

we had BIG fun for such a teeny party....

the end.

now time to plan levi's party for tuesday....


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Adorable and so creative!

jill said...

What a darling party! I love seeing pictures of your house, it looks great!