Tuesday, July 7, 2009

more 4th pics.

here are a couple more pics from our trip to Utah. we had a great time at the Freedom Fesitval Fair, my kids told me it was like Disneyland. (we obviously don't have many fairs around here) kate enjoyed her cotton candy and ate the whole thing with out sharing. (maybe i can win the dinner to ROOSTER in provo that i never got a chance to eat at... thanks cjane.)

taylor is always the daredevil...

after 4 days of levi eating off the floor, aunt lisa came up with the ingenious idea of tying him to the chair with a dishtowel. he didn't mind. (yes, that is a raw potato he is eating and loving it)


Teachinfourth said...

I just checked out several of your photos. I love your style.

By the way, I followed you from cjane...it appears we (and about a million other people) have a common friend.

Amy Jones said...

I'm going to kill you.....Scott, Roma, Ellie and Sage were at Stadium of Fire! Ah, you could've hooked up. Call me next time!!! We miss you guys!